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Quantum Entangled Frequencies and
Coherence in Bioenergetic Systems

Information Field Processes related to the Concepts of Akasha and Prana


Document / Author:

DEV SANSKRITI: Interdisciplinary International Journal (2021) • Volume 18 • 10-33)

Marcus Schmieke Head of scientific research, Institute of Existential Consciousness Research (ECR), Berlin, Germany; Adjunct Professor, Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar, India

Holistic Health can be understood as the coherence of the human being as a whole including his organism, mind, and relationship to his environment. Quantum entanglement of subsystems on all levels of the human being is responsible for the wholeness of the living entity. The sum total of entanglements is defined here as an individual Information Field which corresponds to the ancient vedic concept of akasha. Entangled frequencies might be able to resonate with and influence human bioenergetic processes and systems with the aim of creating coherence of the bioenergetic system, both within the individual and between the individual and the surrounding fields.

The term “bioenergetic” in this regard refers to the influence of quantum processes on the bioelectric and electromagnetic systems, processes, and fields of the body

Beginning with photons initiating biochemical processes in the body—and progressing to the electric fields of cells and organs, heart, brain at all levels of complexity—the physical and biochemical systems of the body are accompanied (or even controlled) by electromagnetic fields and electrical currents. These electromagnetic and electrical processes are characterized on many levels by holistic quantum phenomena


The quantum interactions of these bioelectric and bioelectromagnetic structures and processes unite to form the bioenergetic field of a human being. It includes not only the body, but its interactions with the mind, the deeper psyche, and consciousness, and can be related to ancient concepts like Chi and Prana that are foundational to traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga traditions of India.

The Information Field consists of the quantum information contained in the sum of generalized quantum entanglements both in the human being and between the human being and the environment. The subset of an individual’s Information Field is recognized by the NIH (National Institutes of Health) as the “bioenergetic field”.

It has been previously advanced that all living entities assess information beyond their immediate environment and exist as part of a system of Pervasive Information Fields (PIFs).

Biology and medicine - two-valued logicsystem

Biology and medicine tend to consider the human being as consisting of many systems, such as mind and body, organs, functional systems, cells, cell organelles, biomolecules, etc. This analysis tends to overlook the wholeness of the human being, treating the body as analytically fragmented into hierarchical systems.

The separation of body, mind, and soul—which is generally a basis of scientific analytic approaches—results in the appearance of unexpected nonlocal and acausal phenomena in the remaining physiological

Electromagnetic fields

The bioenergetic field communicates to the electrical and electromagnetic levels of the body by related quantum processes. Therefore the electromagnetic level is the focus of Information Field controlled frequency applications. This electromagnetic level functions as the link integrating the bioenergetics of the body with the essence of the Information Field.

Quantum Effects of Bioelectric Fields and Wholeness

A quantum object is characterized by the quality of wholeness and inseparability, which means that it can´t be divided into parts without losing the important phase relationship information between the resulting parts. In the fragmented system, the lost quantum information reappears by nonlocal and acausal effects of quantum entanglement. This appears in classical quantum theory applied to the microscopic level of the body, but also in macroscopic biophysical structures of the body, especially in the nervous system and the immune system

As predicted by the generalized quantum theory of Atmanspacher, Römer, and Wallach (Atmanspacher et al. 2002 (36)), wholeness reappears in phenomena of macroscopic quantum entanglements. This also is evident on many levels of biophysical structures where coherence appears as an indication of the hidden wholeness of the organism. Bioenergetic properties and systems are a compensation for the quantum wholeness sacrificed by modern scientific models. But combining the quantum concepts of coherence, entanglement, and non-local interactions with traditional terminology of bioenergetic systems—such as the meridians and the chakras—is leading to convergence.

As a consequence, bioenergetic frequencies can benefit the coherence of the bioelectrical field of the human being through generalized quantum entanglement. Additionally, the frequency-modulated microcurrent can manifest its direct effect on the bioelectrical level of the body and the cells. In the third chapter of this paper, a controlled trial is documented using frequencies to promote coherence.

The sum total of the information contained in a person's quantum entanglements (both internal and external) is what in this paper is defined as his or her individual Information Field. That component related to the body is the person's bioenergetic field. It connects the body with the mind and soul and therefore, may be regarded as the essence of life.

The Information Field

The Information Field, consisting of the sum of the hidden generalized and strong quantum entanglements, can be divided into three areas:


  1. The global Information Field refers to the entire universe and the relationships of its individual subsystems and living beings to each other.

  2. The individual Information Field contains the information of all quantum entanglements related to an individual living being. Within the individual Information Field, there are three areas relating to the trinity of a) body, b) mind (conscious), and c) soul (unconscious).

  3. The bio-energetic field is the area of the Information Field related to the body and connects body, mind, and soul.

The coherence of the Information Field of the cell is closely related to the integrity and properties of the cell membrane. An example is the cell membrane potential:
“The cellular boundary delimits the informational field, shielding it from some distortions or deformations caused by external environmental variables and adjacent cellular field effects. The cell membrane creates the environment in which the integrity of the Information Field can be protected and coherently projected.”

Again, this component of the Information Field is called the Bioenergetic Field of the cell.

Information transfer - Energy transfer - Frequencies

Frequencies can thus be described as a language by which the global and individual Information Fields communicate with the electromagnetic and bioenergetic field of the body. “However, as energy transfer is an oscillating function of frequency and amplitude, there must be zones of coherence (amplification or resonance) or decoherence that occur across gradients within any boundary condition.”

“Since information is energy transfer, information becomes a gradient function subject to harmonics and resonances that instantiates or promotes a spectrum of awareness of status. Therefore, each cellular unit is a coherent and discrete cognitive entity in which information becomes another form of resonant energy both within and without the cell. Energy becomes information within the bounded resonating chamber of the cell achieving the coherence necessary to become information to both sender and receiver.”
The dynamic mutual transfer of energy and information as an essential life process is subject to frequencies, harmonics, and resonances. These frequencies generated by quantum processes within the bioenergetic process connect the global Information Field to the bioenergetic field of the cell and the body to unite body, mind, and soul by generalized quantum entanglement. In this process, each cell is a cognitive unit with its own Information Field(the bioenergetic field of the cell) communicating through electromagnetic frequencies with its environment, other cells, and the underlying Information Field.


Terms and Definitions

The term “bioenergetic” in this regard refers to the influence of quantum processes on the bioelectric and electromagnetic systems, processes, and fields of the body

For the purposes of this discussion, we refer to the quantum processes of body, mind, and the deeper psyche as a person’s individual Information Field.

The individual Information Field is proposed to be defined as the complete information contained in the holistic sum of its generalized quantum entanglements

Definition of Bioenergy in Terms of Coherence On the basis of these assumptions the bioenergetic state of an organism is proposed in this paper to be proportional to
• the degree of coherence (Bajpai 2003 (39)) of its bioelectrical field and
• the quantity of its coherent energy
Coherent energy is the potential to achieve the purpose of a specific expression of life (especially its meaning) within its environment. Parallel to this definition, the bioenergy of a living organism is proportional to the sum total of its positive possibilities, which is expressed in coherent and focused information contained in the system.

Bioenergy as a Flow of Information The bioenergetic field is the Information Field of a human being, connecting to the human being as a whole and to the human body. This is especially true of the holistic, coherent, and quantum aspects of the body’s electromagnetic and electrical fields. The traditional life energy concepts of Prana and Chi are not related to physical energy but rather to dynamic flows of information.



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